Spectroscope GEMSPECTRE 1000

Double Polarizer, UV-Sodium and Visible LED Light source Spectroscope

A new modular and easy-to-use portable Spectroscope.

The device was developed using expertise gained in the areas of Gemology, Geology and other natural sciences.

Designed with a compact size in mind, the instrument can be used without compromise in the field.  Power can be provided via the built-in batteries or an external 12V source (i.e. Car battery).

The basic model is equipped with LEDs as light sources which emit visible and/or near-UV light and can be used independently of each other.  The sample compartment is easily accessible from the side of the instrument in order to allow for easy placement of the sample in the lightpath.  A cuvette holder is planned to allow for the analysis of liquid samples.

Multiple configurations will be made available.  The basic model includes a 10x ocular which allows a detailed observation of the sample located in the sample comaprtment. 

A White LED is used as a light source for the visible spectrum whereas a UV-emitting LED is used for the near UV-spectrum. 

This allows measurements in the entire 380nm to 700nm range. 

The gemological classification of stones or crystals is thus possible.

An optional double polarization filter allows the investigation of specific optical characteristics of crystals or liquids.

Documentation of the sample can (as one option) be performed by attaching a digital camera to the objective lens.  A suitable camera model recommendation for any analysis can be requested from us.  Alternatively a universal adapter can be used which allows for the use of an already existing (compatible) digital camera.  The currently available adapter is compatible with all Sony and Panasonic compact cameras.  Other cameras of the same construction should also be compatible with this adapter.

The camera (not included) increases the magnification of the observed sample.  The increase in magnification depends on the camera model.

An additional option is the inclusion of a miniature spectrometer which records the transmission spectrum on a linear CMOS sensor.  The resulting signal is made available in digital form.

The spectral information is transmitted from spectrometer to PC via a built-in USB port and can be recorded using the supplied software.  Connection to a PC is easy.  The user is able to control measurement parameters, perform measurements, save data and create charts.

Additional spectrometers with custom-made light sources and a higher optical resolution are also available.

Application areas: The spectrometer module is especially suited for applications in the UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Lumiescence and fluorescence measurements in the natural sciences, environmental analysis and many other applications.

A stand is available for static measurements, especially important when measuring samples with the miniature spectrometer option.  The operator then has both hands free to perform the analysis.

Errors and omissions excepted.

Swisspatent Pend. 2008/09

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