Asiatica Collection 

China, India, South East-Asia, Japan, Egypt 

and African Neolithicum.

New  2020

India. Head of a goddess

 About 12th century, probably North India.

Grey-red sandstone, Organic paint residues.

Tool marks on the left and right sections. 

Size: 17cm. high, base 9.5 cm.

Punu Okuyi mask Gabon. About 19th century.

Africa. People: Baule. (Size: 22.5 x 16 cm)

China. Buddha, Northern Wei, Jianming (建明, jian4 ming2)  530–531 B.C

Iron casting, meteoritic iron, very rare object. This piece comes from an excavation therefore the strong corrosion. 

Excavated around 1930 in presumably in Jincheng by a British archaeologist. In our collection since 1940.

Jianming (建明, jian4 ming2) 530–531
Jianming (建明, jian4 ming2) 530–531
Jianming (建明, jian4 ming2) 530–531
Jianming (建明, jian4 ming2) 530–531

Ägypten. Isis als Nechbet 

 Fayence. Spätzeit der 26. Dynastie (664-525 v. Chr.)

Grösse: Höhe: 5.5 cm Breite: 1.5 cm

Afrika,Tschad: Idole ca. 4000 B.C.

Gebrannter Ton. Links: 6.5 cm Rechts: 9.7 cm

China: 19.Jh. Junger Büffel

Holz, schwarz gefärbt und lackiert. Höhe: 23 cm. Breite: 15.5 cm.

Keine Beschädigung

Holzplastik einer Frau mit Haarzopf

Herkunftsland: Russland. Vermutlich Tribal Art aus Indien

Grösse: 19.5 cm. Erworben um 1970


We selling piece from 120 year old stock of collection Chinese and Indian Art 10th B.C. to 19th B.C.