China, Song  pottery. 11th. A.C. White glased 'CIZHOU'  Northern Song Dynasty, 

Export pottery. Condition: excellent

Right: China, Sung  pottery. 

Typ: Mei Ping approximately 

960–1279. A.C. China, North Song Jizhou ware vase. (Henan?)

Rich tortoise shell-like brown. Condition: Good. Old collection.

China: Gu vase. Hallmark Wanli six-character mark and of the period 1573-1619. Hallmark is painted.

Modelled in the form of an archaistic gu vessel supported on a tall spreading foot with decorated leafy peach sprays and perching by magpies, the bulbous central section enamelled in vivid tones with four foliate cartouches each enclosing a flowers striding in pursuit of the flaming pearl amidst billowing clouds, separated by lotus heads on a dense ground of scrolling foliage, raising to a flaring trumpet neck with lotus scrolls above upright stiff leaves and beneath a geometric band on the rim, the interior similarly decorated with a band of lotus foliage. 23 cm high, diameter 12 cm.


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